Dystopia of a Plastic Thermal Bath – by Julia Vegh

Can we invite you to a wonderful plastic thermal bathing? We are going to fill a whole thermal bath pool ...
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Angelika Heckhausen

Collage with art works made with marine debris from different beaches – by Angelika Heckhausen

“What does art mean today and what is my responsibility as an artist? I ask myself this question by actively ...
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Liina Klauss

Involuntary Pairs – by Liina Klauss

‘Involuntary Pairs’ consists of 25 frames measuring 9x9cm displayed on a wall containing two objects each, one man-made and the ...
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Lorna Carmen McNeill

Our Universal Sea – Love or Lose It? – by Lorna Carmen McNeill

“Our beautiful oceans are in imminent danger of large-scale plastic contamination if we humans don’t act now!  If we don’t ...
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VR Coral Reef – by Colleen Flanigan

“Part of my mission is to show how coral reefs and wildlife are suffering from ALL of our pollutions and ...
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Fabricated Purification – by CV Peterson

We ingest at least 660 particles of plastic through the consumption of salt each year. The United Nations state that ...
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