The problem with the plastic

Mechanical capacity and stability are the main features of plastic products. Exactly this characteristic makes plastic to a problem when ...
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Children’s Book: “The Ocean Adventures of Pinni, Tursi, and Mydas: Plastic Danger”

I wanted to share this children’s book I illustrated and co-produced a few years ago, that talks about the dangers ...
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Natsai Audrey Chieza - Fashion has a pollution problem - can biology fix it?

The problem of fashion pollution – can biology fix it? – Or let’s eat PET!

Fashion pollution is a severe issue: Did you know that a huge amounts of micro-plastics are produced through our washing machines? ...
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Oysters, sushi and…micro-plastic, swallowing the truth.

Do you like shellfish, sushi and co? Pay great attention, we have a more dangerous enemy in our seas than the ...
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