Ocean Islands - Nicole Loeser

Why we need to invest in ocean science?

In 2017, the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO published the first Global Ocean Science Report, an assessment of national ...
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Claudia Schmitz

TRANS-WASTE – by Claudia Schmitz

Plastic is part of our body – Plastic is everywhere. We have to think about it and work with it – ...
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Rubbish Colonialism versus Consciousness

Beauty gets wasted by waste! Seaweed on a shore may be obscured by rubbish – dangerous waste! We throw rubbish ...
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Kathe Wenzel

DAILY SEA – by Kaethe Wenzel

The dying oceans cause widespread concern and anxiety. But what can we actually do? How to avoid plastic waste, and ...
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Sandcastles – by Sophia Siossios

Sandcastles is an ongoing art project that aims to highlight the current reality with waste on our beaches and in ...
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Bianca Hlawa

Art Contribution Possibility – by Bianca Hlywa

The opera has to go on, but the singers are getting tired. They swim through a roaring ocean to get ...
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