Plastic Leviathan – by Dáriusz Gwizdala, Erika Kapronczai, Júlia Odin Végh

Imagine the apocalyptic thread of plastic pollution of the seas what manifests in a huge plastic sea monster, the plastic ...
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Meadhbh O'Connor

Climate Simulator – a DIY project, Try it Yourself – by Meadhbh O’Connor

Climate Simulator by Meadhbh O’Connor was was shown in 2017 at the 57th Venice Biennial of Arts to be part of ...
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Reiner Maria Matysik

The Sea in the City – Daria Wartalska and Reiner Maria Matysik

There was a sea that decided to reach the city and become famous. “For centuries … – it said, I ...
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Andrew Hornett

A Subtle Approach… – by Andrew Hornett

These days there seems to be an almost overwhelming barrage of images and information detailing the harrowing extent of humanity’s ...
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Anna Michael Rofka

Blue Whale – by Michael and Anna Rofka

To realize our artworks we need the help of the people. We want to create Blue Whales as big impressive ...
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Richard Dawson

There Is No Away (or just a drop in the Ocean) Kinetic Artwork – by Richard Dawson

There Is No Away (T.I.N.A.) is a kinetic sculpture created from reclaimed materials that continuously cycles (and fails to recycle) ...
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