Virgin Breaker


Nature Performance Art / Ghana / 2018 Too difficult to believe these kind of jingoistic patriotism and strong religion of ...
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Claudia Schmitz

TRANS-WASTE – by Claudia Schmitz

Plastic is part of our body – Plastic is everywhere. We have to think about it and work with it – ...
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Kathe Wenzel

DAILY SEA – by Kaethe Wenzel

The dying oceans cause widespread concern and anxiety. But what can we actually do? How to avoid plastic waste, and ...
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Sandcastles – by Sophia Siossios

Sandcastles is an ongoing art project that aims to highlight the current reality with waste on our beaches and in ...
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Bianca Hlawa

Art Contribution Possibility – by Bianca Hlywa

The opera has to go on, but the singers are getting tired. They swim through a roaring ocean to get ...
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MAP Office

Ghost Island – by MAP OFFICE

Ghost Island is a 6 meters pile of ghost fishing nets collected in the sea around Krabi. The installation recalls ...
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