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The Universal Sea – Third Open Call For Short Films

Do you believe in the power of art as a catalyst for change? Art has the power to spark emotions, ...
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WATT EN SCHLICK FEST is a festival held directly on the beach at the Wattenmeer World Heritage Site. With an urban ...
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Frankie Moughton-Small

The Universal Sea – Second Open Call

Do you believe in the power of art as a catalyst for change?    The Universal Sea closed its second ...
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Youth workshop on the subject of packaging avoidance

Four female students (the 6th semester of education and educational science) of Freie Universität Berlin have organized a youth workshop ...
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The Ocean Plastics Lab

There are many fantastic organisations and initiatives, just like The Universal Sea, employing a variety of strategies in order to ...
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Are you a busy bee? Thecamp’s HIVE residency might be for you!

How to describe our friends and partners Thecamp? They call themselves, “A base camp for exploring the future,” and maybe ...
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