Grace Hewitt - Ishan

SALTED, BUBBLY OR PLAIN: Playful performative interactions with urban water

Grace Hewitt was a recent volunteer at TUS. Throughout her time here she conducted a small arts-based research project. Below ...
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Roman Kroke

Microplastics and Chameleons – Poetic Expeditions into H₂O by Roman Kroke

Weekly Excerpts #2: 11/1/2019 We have 9 weeks to go before the book launch of our guide. We want you to ...
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Gilbert Beronneau

Heroine of the Sea by Gilbert Beronneau

Weekly Excerpts #1: 3/1/2019 We have 10 weeks to go before the book launch of our guide. We want you ...
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scream for clean - unsplash


The community behind The Universal Sea is fed up with the plastic epidemic and therefore we have been preparing the ...
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