Our Research Projects

Here at The Universal Sea we are not only working tirelessly against the plastic epidemic in the world’s waterways, but ...
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Exhibition: “Microplastics and Medusae – Expeditions into H₂O”

“Microplastics and Medusae – Expeditions into H₂O” is an interdisciplinary project-concept on the topic “Plastic pollution of aquatic environments” which ...
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Liina Klauss workshop

Workshop: Tools for Teachers

Our inspiring and very active Artist in Residence Liina Klauss developed an educational toolkit titled ‘Tools for Teachers’. She presented it ...
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Entrepreneurship Summit

Entrepreneurship Summit – Berlin 2018

Always in October, the annual Entrepreneurship Summit, organized by our project coordinator the Entrepreneurship Foundation, takes place at the Henry-Ford-Bau. The building is ...
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Exhibition “Mensch ∙ Müll ∙ Meer” tours through Germany and Poland

From 26 October 2018 on, the Experience Centre “Naturgewalten” in the village of List on the German island Sylt will ...
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Art Moments Budapest – Site #6 – Film screening at Trafóklub

After the ending of our third open call we can finally proudly announce the dates and the place for the ...
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