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Happy New Year

via GIPHY Happy New Year to everyone! 🎉 The end of the year is always a good time to look back ...

Study: How Americans Relate to Water

A new study was recently released about ‘How Americans Relate to Water’. Plastic and especially micro-plastic has been polluting our ...
TUS Station UAE

The Universal Sea – Abu Dhabi Station

The TUS team travelled to Abu Dhabi in November to present The Universal Sea project and the fishes installation that ...
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Nicole Loeser_The Universal Sea conference Budapest

Flashback: The Universal Sea – Conference on Art and Sustainability, Budapest

The author of this post: Helen Russell Brown On the 5th October 2018, only two weeks into my journey with ...

SumOfUs’s petition for more restrictive plastic litter law

The organisation SumOfUs is a global community which is committed to reduce the growing power of corporations. They firmly belive ...
microplastic research

Microplastic found in human poo!

On the 22nd of October a research, conducted by a team of the Medical University of Vienna and two experts from ...