The Universal Sea Network

Core Partners

Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Berlin/ Germany

The Foundation of Entrepreneurship works together with numerous international and European organizations such as the UNESCO Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development, United Nations Global Compact – PRME Initiative, Commonwealth Youth Council, European Youth Press and many others. Through these international collaborations, the foundation provides the experience and the know-how to implement a project on a European and international level. The Foundation for Entrepreneurship (Stiftung Entrepreneurship – Faltin Stiftung) aims at fostering a positive environment for the culture of entrepreneurship worldwide. Entrepreneurship is a perspective on human activity that seeks to bring creativity and courage, imagination and initiative, to the tasks of starting and running business ventures and social organizations.

Centrum Rzezby Polskiej w Oronsku, Oronsko/ Poland

The Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko has its site in a village called Orońsko, 120 km south of Poland’s capital Warsaw. The singular institution is devoted entirely to the creation, exhibition, and documentation of Polish and international sculpture. Its broad mandate encompasses a wide range of programs, including artists’ studios, galleries, a museum, and a 12-hectare sculpture park.

Each year, over 200 Polish and foreign artists use the Orońsko venue for artistic residency. Additionally, many artistic workshops, academic open-air events, thematic seminars and exhibitions of contemporary art are being held. The Art Center provides artists with excellent conditions for creating sculptures in diverse materials: stone, wood, metal, clay, plastics and all kind of workshop facilities. Workshops run by specialists help with the realization of monumental and small-scale projects.

The cultural tradition of the art-site Orońsko originated in the middle of 19th century. Succeeding owners of the manor – Christiani, the Pruszaks, and Brandts, cultivated it. Józef Brandt, an outstanding Polish painter following the historical-genre tradition, was connected with the 5th circle of Munich Academy. He was tied with Orońsko through a marriage with the estate owner Helena Pruszak. In Brandt`s times, Orońsko was transformed into an artistic colony called the Free Orońsko Academy. The present history started with creative stays and an open-air exhibition of artists in 1965. Soon the Department of Sculptor’s Creative Work was founded. Since 1981 the Center of Polish Sculpture has been functioning as a state institution subordinated to the Ministry of Art and Culture.

European Coastal Union/ Rostock, Germany

The EUCC is a non-profit organization with a membership of around 500 institutions, NGOs and experts, in 40 countries. Its network at large involves about 2500 professionals involved in coastal and marine management issues. Founded in 1989 with the aim of promoting coastal management by bridging the gap between scientists, environmentalists, site managers, planners and policymakers, it has grown into the largest network of coastal practitioners and experts in Europe, with 13 national branches, an International Secretariat in Leiden (Netherlands), and offices in Barcelona (Spain), Biarritz (France), Warnemünde (Germany), Szczecin (Poland), Klaipeda (Lithuania) and Sliema (Malta). EUCC’s working area is Europe and its neighboring regions. Its mission has evolved throughout years of activity and currently is dedicated to conserving and maintaining healthy seas and attractive coasts for both people and nature; and that people can enjoy these environments in a socially safe and sound way as well.

Hybridart Management, Budapest/ Hungary

Hybrid Art Management has been working in the field of contemporary visual art since 2005 with the objective of venturing beyond classical forms of the art scene and bringing Hungarian and international contemporary art and design closer to the wider public.

Since 2010 they have been organizing ART MOMENTS, a series of events in visual arts to bring cutting-edge contemporary art closer to the public of several European cities by placing artworks in public areas. Their art program, Zenith Art Exchange was initiated in 2013, in order to make it possible for Hungarian artists to present themselves abroad, and for foreign artists to get a chance for their debut in Hungary. In 2016 the program was supported by e.g. Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait, Quatar Museums Authority, Abu Dhabi Hub, and The Cartel Dubai. A highlight was the co-creation of a 4m high sculpture as a symbol of recycling and eco-consciousness by students of Hungarian, Slovak, Czech and Emirati art universities.

In 2017 Hybrid Art Management opened its project space, Hybridart Space in the heart of Budapest.

Main Partners

Creative Europe

Supporting Europe's cultural and creative sectors

Network Partners

Scientific Partners

Konsortium Deutsche Meeresforschung

The Ocean Plastics Lab is an international traveling exhibition showcasing the contribution of science to understand and combat the problem of plastics in the ocean to the broad public.

CSP innovazione nelle ICT 

CSP is a non-profit research center, performing applied research and technology transfer in the ICT domain based in Torino,Italy. CSP’s main mission is to act as Smart Hub between research and market on IoT /IOD in industrial applications

The Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde

The Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde is an independent research institution specializing in the interdisciplinary study of coastal oceans and marginal seas. In particular, our work focuses on the Baltic Sea ecosystem. Studying the sources, input pathways and fate of microplastic into the Baltic Sea is one of the most current research topics.

Instituto di Scienze Marine

The Institute of Marine Sciences (ISMAR) of the Italian National Research Council conducts multidisciplinary studies in all fields of marine sciences encompassing geological, biological and oceanographic research in the Mediterranean and in the world oceans.

Wessling Knowledge Center

WESSLING is one of the leading consulting, analytical and testing companies engaged in quality, safety, environment and health.


Università di Bologna

Founded in 1088, Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna (UNIBO) is a large, multidisciplinary university with 33 Departments, about 85.000 students and 1.500 PhD candidates. The University of Bologna is strongly committed to research and innovation and it is one of the most active Italian universities in European and international R&I projects

Munich Business School

Europa-Universität Flensburg

Aalto University

Shaping the future: science and art together with technology and business

We are building competitive edge by combining knowledge from different disciplines to identify and solve complex challenges, and to educate future visionaries and experts.

UdK Berlin

Universität der Künste Berlin


Der Technischen Universität

Technische Universität Berlin

Cultural Partners

Unesco Office in Venice


We Make the City

We Make The City


Surfrider Foundation Holland

Surfrider Foundation Holland Coast is there for everyone who loves the ocean and wants to protect our beautiful North Sea, coast, and surf spots. Fully supported by passionate volunteers, we work hard to create awareness among young and old. Through campaigns, education, events, projects and collaborations, we work together with 28 other chapters on the central local and international objectives, clean water, clean beaches and the protection of surf spots.

Surfrider Foundation Europe

Surfrider Foundation Europe is an environmental not-for-profit organisation which “aims at defending, saving, promoting and managing in a sustainable manner the ocean, the coastline, waves and the people who enjoy them”. Throughout its existence, it has acquired strong environment skills and developed real expertise in environmental education. Having now gained recognition at the European and international level, Surfrider has also become a key player in European influential networks on such matters.

Dopper Foundation

Dopper Foundation

Crystal-clear water from tap to ocean – that is the shared dream of Dopper and the Dopper Foundation. Dopper Foundation aims to live towards this dream through encouraging people that help to turn the tide on plastics in our oceans.

With this at the core, Dopper Foundation pursues its mission in three ways:  

  1. The Dopper Academy represents the knowledge pillar of Dopper Foundation. Because knowledge development and knowledge sharing is the starting point for innovation in people and industries.  
  2. Dopper Dreams represents the inspiration pillar of Dopper Foundation. Because existing ideas and solutions turned into attractive and understandable content can influence people in a positive way.  
  3. Change – investing in solutions together with our Partner Simavi, rather than focusing on the problems, because impact projects and ventures provide a positive and powerful perspective for changed behaviour – the ultimate goal!

Baltic Sea Challenge initiative

The Baltic Sea Challenge (BSC) is a network initiative that invites organisations to commit in protecting the Baltic Sea and their local waters, to building their own Baltic Sea Action Plan and to implementing it. In 2018 there are already 270 member organisations in the BSC Network from the countries around the Baltic Sea. Even though the initiative was started by the cities of Helsinki and Turku in Finland, it exists especially owing to and for its member organisations. One of the five objectives of the Baltic Sea Challenge initiative is to commit to reduce the concentrations of harmful substances, amount of litter and noise in the marine environment.


Plastic Whale is the first professional plastic fishing company in the world. A social enterprise with a mission: make the world’s waters plastic-free and create value from plastic waste involving as many people as possible. It started in 2011 with a single challenge to build a boat made of plastic waste. Today, we have a fleet of ten design boats made from Amsterdam Canal Plastic. With these boats we go plastic fishing together with thousands of people per year. But we do not only build boats. In February we have launched Plastic Whale Circular Furniture: high-end office furniture made from Amsterdam Canal Plastic. It is our goal to go ‘out of business’: in our case overfishing is a positive phenomenon.


Thecamp is a place where talents from all over the world can get training, inspire each other and work on projects to develop solutions for an exciting and optimistic future.

Green Start-Ups/Companies


Specialized in the future, acting in the present

We passionately promote the only possible economy, the sustainable one.
We are acting here and now, working together with the most dedicated and forward-thinking companies, selecting a high quality and innovative projects.

Impact Hub Milano

Impact Hub Milano is a Coworking and Event Space, Community and Certified Incubator, part of a global network of more than 100 spaces and over 15,000 entrepreneurs and innovators united by the interest in projects and companies with social, environmental or cultural impact.


Durat is a forerunner in a circular economy. Durat has been collecting post-industrial plastic waste for more than 20 years, turning it into recyclable composite material


MOST is a global design collective actualising pure ideas. We see the essence of an idea, story, person, or feeling, and we distill it to its purest form. We do this intuitively and create lasting impressions.

DURAT Palace


By rewarding people with discounts at local and digital shops, WASTED has established itself as a positive reward scheme to incentivize household waste separation in Amsterdam. For 2019 bigger plans are on the horizon.

Ocean Sole

Bio Ocean Sole: Ocean Sole up-cycles the world most worn footwear into artworks, Flip Flop's! We up-cycle 500.000 flip-flops a year and provide 70 Kenyan families of an income.

Duparec Kft.

Founded in 1853, a family owned and managed group with 6,600 employees in 15 countries, and a European market leader in the packaging, paper, and recycling industry.


TAPP Water

In TAPP Water we are on a mission to avoid 1bn plastic bottles by 2020. We do so by designing simple, sustainable and affordable plug&play water filters to promote drinking water from the tap.


Lemonaid & ChariTea project were started to incite and shape the process of social change.
With each bottle, they make a small contribution to that.


Drinking tea can change the world. Every ChariTea purchased supports the non-profit Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation supporting social projects in the growing regions of its ingredients.

Public Authorities

Città di Venezia


Jason deCaires Taylor

Jason deCaires Taylor

Jason deCaires Taylor is a sculptor that specialises in site specific installations for underwater environments.Using sculpture as a tool to create new habitats and discuss human relationships with the earth's ecosystems.


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