The Universal Sea Station – Pristina
From9/06/2018 0:00h
To10/06/2018 22:00h

The Universal Sea will commence an 8 cities Europe-wide tour with a station in Pristina/Kosovo; hosted by DOKU.TECH at Termokiss. 

It is an annual event bringing together individuals and tech talents with top-tier international future makers, executives, and thinkers. This conference explores and challenges the social implications of technological innovations through connectivity, content, masterclasses, workshops, and openness while inspiring youngsters by sharing knowledge and experiences. This year’s DOKU.TECH motto is: “One person’s craziness, is another one’s reality.”

The Universal Sea: Pure or Plastic?!” is an EU-funded art and innovation project under the umbrella of the Creative Europe program that looks to bring together a variety of perspectives, from art, science, and business, to raise awareness and generate new and innovative solutions to the scourge of plastic pollution.

The station will consist of an art and science traveling exhibition of top 100 projects. All material relate to the topic of plastic pollution, raising questions on the contemporary reliance on disposable plastics and their effects on our common environment.

Furthermore, the station will also include co-creation workshops, led by experts and thought-leaders and open to the public. These hackathon-style workshops aim to bring together the diverse perspectives present and generate new, exciting solutions to the problems highlighted in the exhibition.

So, come and join us in the fight against plastic pollution. All day, on the 9th and 10th of June at Termokiss/ DOKU.TECH.