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Help Us To Reduce Worldwide Crazy Plastic Consumption — It’s Simple!

The Universal Sea – The art and innovation guide against the plastic epidemic is a guide* being crafted and developed as we speak by The Universal Sea Project.


The Universal Sea – The art and innovation guide against the plastic epidemic is not only a manual for a smart plastic living but an opportunity to harness the power of art and bring every citizen of our world into action against the plastic epidemic.

We showcase a wide range of visual art forms, as well as successful progressive initiatives. However, the book explores transferrable approaches and methods, which can be taken back into your everyday life.

Our guide is both a practical and an aesthetic object, and we hope that you enjoy learning about the plastic issue, and how we might tackle it, as much as you enjoy its practical format and diverse features.

The book is the first of its kind in its attempt to bring together artists, business leaders, scientific experts, and everyday people, to scrutinize and to solve the world’s unsustainable use of plastic.

The Universal Sea – The art and innovation guide against the plastic epidemic aims to transcend the boundaries of citizenship and age. The book encourages every one of us to reduce, reuse, and replace plastic consumption in our day to day lives.

It is Exciting!

The book details a unique collection of innovative approaches. It presents experiences, and lessons learned by people who have seriously taken action and carefully considered how plastic use might be reduced. It shines a spotlight on initiatives all around the world that are making a change with regard to plastic consumption. We aim to offer these best practices to you as well as our exploration of creative ideas to tackle the issues of water pollution as fast as we can.

It is ART!

Art is its own language, which, like water, has the capacity to be shared between all kinds of people and nations no matter of language. We believe that the far-reaching effects of touching art can also be a catalyst for change – to be moved can encourage us to move – to act. In our publication, art and innovations are set alongside essays, other inspiring images, maps and infographics showing a common vision and a joint mission.

It is Universal!

We all depend on a good quality of water and therefore we believe in the power of united efforts. We celebrate the potency and ability of any one of us to take action against the plastic epidemic, no matter how big or small.


Our guide, and The Universal Sea project as a whole, represents an engaged and interactive community who combats plastic waste.

Help us to reach out to as many people as possible with our responsibility to reduce plastic. The Universal Sea – The art and innovation guide against the plastic epidemic is not only a work of art, but also a tool for change. Its practical size allows you to take it with you and share its knowledge with friends.

Book Title: The Universal Sea – The art and innovation guide against the plastic epidemic

Project Leads and Editors-in-Chief: Nicole Loeser, Viktoria Trosien

Graphic design: Edge Communications, Milena Linke, April Dell
Copyediting and layout design: April Dell, Helen Russell Brown
Cover design: Anjani Parikh

Authors: Nicole Loeser, Viktoria Trosien, Tamas Szucs, Karmenu Vella, Amanda Hohenberg, Anett Rago, Eva Bubla, Ewa Markiewicz, Frankie Moughton-Small, Galit Ariel, Gilbert Beronneau, Jose Alcaraz, Kaethe Wenzel, Keary Shandler, Liina Klauss, Lotti Seebeck, Manish Gupta, Matt Stewart, Michael O’Neill, Nicolas Kristoffersen, Olga Skoczylas, Robertina Sebjanic, Roman Kroke, Sabina Damiani, Urszula Staszkop, Werner Fuetterer, Victor Nyabuti, Ede Sinkovics, Hatem Affes, Fatima Aslam

Editors: Marcela Knapp, Kevin Grünstein

Editorial team: Adi Yaakov, Alasdair McTernan, Amelie Robson, Anisa Hawley, April Dell, Constantin Böhm, Doris Wu, Eleonora Bidiville, Giulia Accrogliano, Grace Hewitt, Helen Russell Brown, Jonathan Kuhl, Kata Szeder, Kate Wolfe, Kristina Okan, Lizzie Batchelor, Marco Papeo, Madeleine Bates, Margot Belot, Milena Olech, Nardine Stybel, Rosie Hastings, Sian Huygens, Sophie Cassel, Tina Bayer, Tiziana Destino, Yingyi Han, Yunosuke Ozawa, Zoé Kompa

Publisher: Foundation for Entrepreneurship and The Institute for Art and Innovation e.V.

Edition of 1000, A5 size, 464 pages, soft cover, English
ISBN: 978-3-9819114-1-1

The printing process of the book is CO2 neutral on 100% recycled paper using EMAS certified eco colors.

The Universal Sea was initiated and is run by the Institute for Art and Innovation e.V. (Berlin, Germany).

The movement was started as a EU co-funded project (2017 – 2019) coordinated by the Foundation for Entrepreneurship (Berlin, Germany), in partnership with the Center of Polish Sculpture (Oronsko, Poland) and Hybridart Management (Budapest, Hungary), in cooperation with EUCC-D (Rostock, Germany).

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