IFAI Talks is a captivating podcast series that delves into the vital nexus of sustainability and interdisciplinary collaboration. Through our insightful interviews and engaging discussions, we invite our listeners on a thought-provoking journey, exploring innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. Our show sheds light on eco-centered practices, circular economies, and the blue economy’s potential to shape a positive future. With a focus on creativity and cultural industries, we aim to inspire our audience to embrace sustainable approaches and forge a path towards a more resilient and harmonious world. 

Navigating the Blue Economy: An interview with Yves Zieba IFAI Talks

In this interview, Yves Zieba, the CEO of Synthezia from Switzerland, discusses his passion for the blue economy and its potential to tackle climate-related challenges. He emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, sustainable business models, and the adoption of eco-centered practices. Yves envisions a future where the blue economy plays a central role in preserving ocean resources and addresses urgent environmental issues. His vision highlights the significance of creativity and cultural industries in driving positive change for a sustainable world.
  1. Navigating the Blue Economy: An interview with Yves Zieba
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