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J Henry Fair

J Henry Fair http://www.jhenryfair.com
Oil from Deepwater Horizon spill floats on the Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Mexico
There were many things coming out of the Macondo well of different composition and viscosity. My understanding is that all of the liquids included suspensions of solids, and that there was a lot of gas, which would, of course, percolate into the atmosphere invisibly. There were also different liquids of different densities which floated at different levels. In many cases I would see the light petroleum on the surface, and then by adjusting the polarization of the reflected light, be able to see through that surface layer down to these fascinating shapes floating below. The dispersant (Corexit) is a very runny liquid designed mix with and alter surface tension of the various liquids and ultimately break up the oil and sink it. The oil in this photo is floating just subsurface, and did not have any surface liquids obscuring it. Whether it had been sprayed with Corexit prior to our sighting is anyone’s guess, and what result that would have on the color and floatation would need an engineer to answer. It was very arresting when we saw it, having a mysterious depth prompting us to circle it many times.
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Credit flight services: Southwings http://www.southwings.org

Can Art be a Catalyst for Action

Original background image from unsplash, picture taken by Joel Filipe


TOP 5 finalists of the Open Call

Ewa Markiewicz (PL), Scheme that will survive ages, www.universal-sea.org

Frankie Moughton-Small (UK), The Plastic Sea, www.universal-sea.org

Liina Klauss (DE), Broken Dreams No.1, www.universal-sea.org

Robertina Šebjanič (SI), Aquatocene, www.universal-sea.org

Julia Vegh (HU) and Erika Kraponczai (HU), Plastic Cube Labyrinth, www.universal-sea.org

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