The art and innovation project against the plastic epidemic, kicks off!

Launching an ambitious change initiative

The sun is shining brightly in Berlin’s sky. People are starting to gather in the hall of the Freie Universität Berlin for the 2017 edition of the Entrepreneurship Summit focussing this year on the power and necessity of citizen entrepreneurship.
The summit, running from 21 – 22 October, is one of the most important events in Germany for entrepreneurs or people interested in starting their own company by applying a smart business model concept, that goes beyond maximizing financial growth. Hosting more than 100 experts coming from all different kinds of entrepreneurial fields, the event is organised to allow like-minded founders, visionaries and lateral thinkers to meet, learn, present and discuss their ideas. Prof. Faltin, the founder of the event, claims entrepreneurship as art that could be mastered by anyone; as business is just too important to leave it to the big corporates. Furthermore, it is the people, who should take over the power!
This is why there couldn’t be a better occasion for kicking off “The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic?!” project, coordinated by the Foundation for Entrepreneurship. Art is the initiator and catalyzer for taking action and creating new ideas against plastic pollution, while entrepreneurship enables their long-term sustainability and success.

The project and its ambitious goals were presented on stage in front of more than 1.500 people and experts from all around Germany and beyond. Throughout the whole weekend, the Universal Sea team enjoyed lots of interactive and dynamic exchanges with the entrepreneurs, visionaries and lateral thinkers, at the project’s booth. As a result, a large amount of inspiring “Ideas against waste in the sea” and “Business ideas for artists” were collected and discussed.

A second layer of the project investigates new opportunities and approaches for artists to collaborate with entrepreneurs and corporates. Therefore, in a panel discussion on the theme “New business models for artists” artist Thorsten Goldberg, cultural entrepreneur Dr. Corinna Vosse and economist Prof. Dr. Carsten Baumgarth vividly debated their thoughts with the public.

Eventually, the Entrepreneurship Summit gave the opportunity to have the first Universal Sea partner’s meeting. Partners introduced themselves and their organisations reviewed the concept as well as set internal and future strategies for the development of the project.

Can art make a difference against plastic pollution in our water?

The Universal Sea art and innovation project to fight waste in the water is aiming at extending the movement of change-makers and the public involved. It is about joining forces and providing inspiration to initiate, find and spread sustainable solutions against this major anthropogenic problem.


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