Techfestival Copenhagen – Where humans and technology meet

This summer there are so many interesting social impact and innovation festivals around Europe to get involved in. At The Universal Sea, we are delighted to report our presence at quite a few of them. The next festival lighting up our radar is Techfestival held in Copenhagen between 5-9 September 2018.

Techfestival was created to facilitate an inclusive conversation about more than just Silicon Valley, innovation hype and the fear of A.I. With a full schedule of workshops, activities, conversations, installations, and social events, it aims to find human answers to technological progress issues. This year’s edition will explore the impact of technology via 10 different avenues: Ego, Food, Play, Learn, Create, Work, Start, Cities, Energy and Democracy.

Our creative lead Nicole Loeser will participate in this year’s Techfestival with a presentation at the W00dstock Summit. We hope to trigger a spirited discussion about how art and technology can be best used in the fight against the plastic pollution epidemic.

The rest of the five-day event programme is overflowing with unique and curious happenings, like Reading Karaoke where technologists and creatives share their favourite inspiring books. If you find yourself in or around Copenhagen at the start of September, this festival promises to be worth a visit.