TOP 5 Winners

*Drums roll* and our five finalists are…

Ewa Markiewicz (PL) – Scheme that will survive ages

Frankie Moughton-Small (UK) – The Plastic Sea

Julia Vegh (HU) and Erika Kapronczai (HU) – Plastic Cube Labyrinth 

Liina Klauss (DE) – Broken Dreams No.1 

Robertina Šebjanič (SI) – Aquatocene 

Artistic intervention is at the core of The Universal Sea Project. It is essential in order to find a new language to raise public awareness and get the public involved along with finding effective solutions regarding plastic pollution.

After a considerably tough time evaluating all proposed artworks to the open call, the interdisciplinary jury yesterday came out with the final decision. The selection was very difficult to make due to the impressive submissions we received.
The Universal Sea is extremely thankful to all the artists. We are especially grateful for the amazing involvement of the jury in our project for choosing the artworks that promote our movement of change-makers!

The Universal Sea congratulates the five finalists for their remarkable works. They will soon embark on our artist in residence program. We are very eager to pursue our mission all around Europe with our inspirational partners.

Now the show’s on!

Join us at the Grand Opening at the Center for Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, Poland, and stay posted for the up-coming stations of our project.

„The Universal Sea: Pure or Plastic !?“ is an art-science-innovation project, co-funded by the EU, with three entwined goals: Rediscovering the role of the artist in our society, revealing the opportunities of art meeting entrepreneurship, while fostering creative solutions for the issue of water pollution. Second, to no other discipline, art engages in questioning and rethinking existing systems. We believe that artists can be fact change agents, with the ability to affect society for the better. Expanding this process through co-creation and entrepreneurship we explore new business models for artists and motivate innovative solutions bringing forth ecological and social change.