The Universals Sea x WeMakeThe.City, Amsterdam 21-22 June 2018

The Universal Sea is uniting forces with the WeMakeThe.City Festival. Our station will be running over two days (21-22 June 2018, 10:00 – 19:00), in the city of the 165 canals and 1,281 bridges.

The event consists of inspiring pecha-kucha presentations and co-creation workshops, led by experts and thought-leaders open to the public. These hackathon-style workshops aim to bring together the diverse perspectives present and generate new, exciting solutions to the problems highlighted in the art + science exhibition focusing on our mission to push forward solutions to fight the plastic epidemic.

The Universal Sea Netherlands Station is hosted by the Main Public Library in Amsterdam. We look forward to meeting you there!

Aquatocene by Robertina Šebjanič

About the Universal Sea Station

“The Universal Sea: Pure or Plastic?!” is an art and innovation project, co-funded under the umbrella of the Creative Europe program. It brings together a variety of perspectives, from art, science, business, and technology, to raise awareness and generate effective and innovative solutions to the scourge of plastic pollution. Each station consists of artistic interventions from the finalists, chosen from a worldwide open call that generated over 250 applications. In addition, artistic proposals from the top 100 applicants together with artworks by Dutch artists will be on display 18 – 29 June in an exhibition. All art interventions relate to the topic of plastic pollution, raising questions on the contemporary reliance on disposable plastics and their effects on our common environment.


Exhibition (18 – 29 June) on Groundfloor
– Top 100 submissions of Open Call to artists to join forces against the water pollution
– Guest artists: Katrin Korfmann (NL-DE), Polimeer (NL), Wang Jing (CN)
– Sound installations and performance by Robertina Sebjanic (SL) and Sheree Spencer (NL-DE)
– Added by 3 display cases for showcasing the objects which were created during the co-creation workshops

Pecha-Kucha-Presentations (21-22 June) in cinema hall on Level 6
“The state of ecological art, design, business and awareness in The Netherlands and Europe”

Meet forward-thinking artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, designers and initiatives fighting the Anthropogenic issue of plastic pollution. Get to know what is behind their missions. Discuss how and why art can trigger change while unlocking creative power and what are the challenges faced to reach and involve the public.

Moderator: Nicole Loeser

21 June

22 June

Co-Creation Workshop and Open Lab (21-22 June) on Level 2
“It’s time to act – Joint forces in The Netherlands”

The facts are devastating and cannot be ignored anymore. The plastic garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean reached a size of 80.000 tons of plastics, and there are many more of them in the oceans. Micro-plastic has already found its way into our food chain and into our drinking water. Problems are a source of new art and business opportunities, while an economical base guarantees the long-term success of the solutions found. We will indicate and prototype fast and efficient solutions against the plastic epidemic by also exploring their entrepreneurial potential.

Moderator/Facilitator: Viktoria Trosien

Our program is provided free of charge!

Artists' works presented

Bianca Hlywa, MAP Office (Laurent Gutierrez, Valérie Portefaix), Barbara Nati, Robertina Šebjanič, Linda Byrne and Maggie Dubris, Georgina Peach, Ho Man Law, Marjorie Chau, Denise Frechet, Claire Krouzecky, Brydee Rood, Julia Ganotis, Franziska Rutishauser, Enrico Bernardis, JEDI, Dáriusz Gwizdala, Erika Kapronczai, Júlia Odin Végh, Meadhbh O’Connor, Daria Wartalska and Reiner Maria Matysik, Andrew Hornett, Michael Rofka and Anna Rofka, Richard Dawson, Mazyar Asadi, Alex Côté, deep femme futures, Nezaket Ekici, Daniel Strickland, Paweł Błęcki (in collaboration with Prof. Marek Krajewski), Eduardo Romaguera, Jan Sajdak, Enikő Hodosy/Kata Molnár/Zsuzsi Matók, Stefano Cagol, Resa Blatman, Kyna Hodges, George Lorio, Timo Brusewitz, Chriss Aghana Nwobu, Rachael Causer, Ewa from Pabianice, Stephen Wilks, Nedill, Gwen van den Bout, PRZEPRASZAM group, Nevena Vuksanovic, Ron Wild, Nadine Baldow, Malatsion, Antoaneta Tica, Ella Schofield Lake, Constanze Flamme, Frankie Moughton-Small, Yasmin-Palij, Konstantinos Leloudas, Marisa Merlin, Anneli Goeller, Kojo Biney, Giulia Gentili, Angelika Heckhausen, Liina Klauss, Lorna Carmen McNeill, Colleen Flanigan, CV Peterson, Nasrin Yousefi, Timo Kahlen, Colleen Flanigan, Hervé ALL, Sarah Julig, Moi Tran, Steve McPherson, Diane Laudry, Alex Lawicka Cuper & Alain Lapicoré, Tom Hackett, Miep Adenacker, Ramesh Kumar Biswas, Sara Tusar, Tom Strobl, Marina Fomenko, Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch, Jzstudio, Rachel Thomson, Swaantje Güntzel, Pablo Dilet, Tamara Zecevic, Patrick Demazeau, Diane Watson, Ophelia Jacarini, Caro Krebietke, Pinar Yoldas, Marillina Fortuna, Daniel Webb, LocalStyle, Justyna Górowska, Claudia Livia, Phillipa Horan, MAP Office, Einat Shteckler, Ernesta Dirbanauskaite, Claudia Brogna, Nancy Oliveri, Riccardo Attanasio, Kaethe Wenzel, Claudia Schmitz

Main Public Library, Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam, Oosterdokskade 143, 1011 DL Amsterdam, Netherlands

We Make the City

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21 June 2018

22 June 2018