Shortlisted artist selection is out! Congrats to our artists.

The Universal Sea is happy to present the shortlisted artist selection and the wild cards winners of the Public Voting, which ended last night. So who are our lucky TOP 15 artists? Scroll down and find out!

TOP 10 Jury selection:

Rachael Causer
Julia Vegh and Erika Kapronczai
Ewa from Pabianice
Frankie Moughton-Small
Steve McPherson
Liina Klauss
Isaac Kojo Biney Aggrey
Robertina Šebjanič
Meadhbh O’Connor
Nezaket Ekici

Public Voting winners entering the contest for the final stage. Bravo!

Caro Krebietke
Alex Côté
Marjorie Chau
Yasmin Palij