I FOUND YOU – by Caro Krebietke

My artistic strategy is a research-based approach to different locations all over the world. Temporary stays at spots with a magic aura inspire me to discover new aspects of art. I have been working with different aspects of the medium water several times. Please find some results on my website:


My site-specific artworks are always inspired by open landscapes, light, wind, water and rural or abandoned space.

I am based in Stuttgart, Germany. Educated in Archaeology, Ethnology and Egyptology at Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich, I achieved my Master of Arts degree in ceramic arts from Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart. Currently, I am working as a visual artist, associate professor and curator.

During the last years, my work found recognition in national and international exhibitions and projects. I was invited to collaborate with international cultural and educational institutions. My artwork has been shown in Italy, Morocco, Czech Republic, Russia, Namibia, Vietnam, Denmark, Romania and Switzerland as well as in different cities in Germany.

Please find more information about myself and my work on my website:


„I FOUND YOU“, Video documentation of a performance under water, September 2017, Chiessi, Italy.


January 10th, 1972. The cargo vessel “Elviscott”, 499 tons, 65 meters length, is on her way from Naples to Marseille. During a heavy winter storm, she hits the Ogliera cliffs near Elba, Italy, and sinks.

Now, so many years later, the huge wreck has become a paradise for submarine life. A great diversity of plants cover the entire hull and swarms of small fishes are drifting around.

The floating text is a poetic call to the spirit of the broken ship. A memory of a different existence a long time ago:

I formed you and found
rightness in your light,
until your pain alarmed me:
you are alive.
Rain tumbled onto my hands,
wind rocked my body.
You are other. 

Poem by Triin Soomets, Estonia.

An important part of my artistic work is the implementation of participatory events. For „The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic?!“ I plan the following interactions with the public:

  1. „ETERNAL WASTE“: Plastic sculpture, a participatory performance. Together with interested people we will collect plastic garbage of all kind and create a large-scale sculpture in a public space. To get really impressive results this should take place near a beach or similar to a lot of plastic waste. The sculpture will grow organically, fixed with duct tape or string. Thus it could get huge dimensions in quite short time.
  2. „ETERNAL FLEET“ Public workshop for children: Sailboats made of plastic waste. The event should take place near the sea, a lake or a river. Since plastic is very lightweight it is the perfect material to construct small sailing vessels or rafts. On a windy day, all the self-built boats will set sails and carry their messages to the public.
  3. „ETERNAL GREEN“: turn walls into biotopes! A concrete or brick wall will be covered with cut plastic bottles filled with soil and seeds of different flowers and green plants. This is meant to be an event in a neighborhood where people care about their surroundings. Since it will become a vertical garden, it needs to be taken care of constantly.

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