Ocean Future School Lab (eng)






Marine protection means climate protection! In many cases, this fails due to a lack of cooperation. Strong shared images and visions based on knowledge and values are therefore needed to generate understanding for urgently needed, sustainable concepts and, above all, the will to implement these promptly with combined forces. Following the successful Ocean Future Lab in 2022 (funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research), the School Lab is now aims at children to teach them how to ‘think in positive images of blue futures’.

They can develop ideas about the sustainable use of the oceans, discover innovative conservation projects and get to know their stakeholders and political leaders.

Collaboration with educators is an essential part of the Ocean Future School Lab: the marine topics can be excellently related to school subjects: Biology, natural sciences, geography, ethics and political education.

The offer is primarily aimed at learning groups in grades 8 to 10, but can also be carried out for other age groups on request.

The pupils deal with the following topics:

Sebastian Esposito
Jan Schneider
Jan Schneider

Each topic is dealt with in 7 sessions of 90 minutes each. Once-weekly sessions are possible, as are compact project days:

Implementation overall:

32 workshop dates of 90 min each

1 Excursion

innerhalb des Netzwerkes Meeresschutz

1 Presentation

in der Schule