Bianca Hlawa

Art Contribution Possibility – by Bianca Hlywa

The opera has to go on, but the singers are getting tired. They swim through a roaring ocean to get ...
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MAP Office

Ghost Island – by MAP OFFICE

Ghost Island is a 6 meters pile of ghost fishing nets collected in the sea around Krabi. The installation recalls ...
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Barbara Nati

A whole sea of contradictions – by Barbara Nati

Barbara Nati’s work has faced social and environmental issues with a tainted stylistic approach where history, visual art and advertising ...
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Aquatocene – by Robertina Šebjanič

»Aquatocene / The subaquatic quest for serenity« by Robertina investigates the phenomenon of underwater noise pollution created by humankind in the ...
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Vanishing Oceans Project – by Linda Byrne and Maggie Dubris

In the 21st century, it’s no longer Jonah in the belly of the whale, but bottle caps, popped balloons, and ...
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Plastic Pelagic: dare to taste? – by Georgina Peach

I am an Oceanographer and Artist using (in)edible jelly to inspire people to clean up our oceans! As an Oceanographer ...
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