Art Moments Budapest – Site #2 – ‘Plastic Waste Labyrinth’ Public Interventions

When? – Where?
28th September – 1st October, Madách Imre tér.
11th – 14th October,  Art Market Budapest at the Millenáris Cultural Center.

During Art Moments 2018 – The Universal Sea Budapest Festival, we are honoured and excited to see the realisation of Júlia Végh’s and Erika Kraponczai’s monumental public installation Plastic Waste Labyrinth. From September 28th, The Hungarian duo will be confronting the public physically and mentally with their giant plastic maze in the Madách Imre tér public square. Assembled from 110x160cm cubic building blocks made out of plastic waste, accompanied by a sound installation, the maze unites the artists with the public in the immersive struggle to find a way out; out of the maze and out of the plastic problem.

Everyone is invited. Come and join us for this special event:

The official opening starts on 28th September at 6pm. The artists will be present and art historian Tekla Uszkay talks about the conceptional background. Here’s the Facebook event:

art moments

Júlia Végh and Erika Kraponczai presenting the ‘Plastic Waste Labyrinth’ at our Grand Opening exhibition in Poland

Our collaboration with Júlia and Erika began with our first international open call for artists, from which they were selected for one of our five artist residencies. The pair’s proposal made an impact because of its immersive element, and its dedication to public awareness through intervention and confrontation. They bring a diverse artistic background to The Universal Sea community – Júlia is a multimedia artist and Erika is a filmmaker and creative producer – and their ‘think big’ approach to public art will definitely be demanding attention and making waves during the festival.

The Plastic Waste Labyrinth will be in Madách Imre tér until October 1st, where it will then be transported to the site of the Art Market Budapest at the Millenáris Cultural Center. It will coincide with the city’s contemporary art fair, and challenge a new crowd of onlookers and participants. The Art Market Budapest, the leading Eastern European contemporary art fair, runs from October 11th to 14th, and entry is free for the public. We hope to see you in the maze, where together we can reflect and problem-solve!

The two artists have a great website worth having a look at:

The artist Liina Klauss will also be showcasing her work. She creates large compositions from plastic waste collected on beaches, and her works are often made interactively with local schools, children, and adults.

So make sure you visit the Hybridart Space to see some really interesting and important work!

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Art Moments Budapest – Site #2 – ‘Plastic Waste Labyrinth’ Public Intervention
Madách Imre tér
28th September – 1st October,
Art Market Budapest at the Millenáris Cultural Center
11th – 14th October.

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