ARTEFAKTE by J Henry Fair
From9/10/2018 10:00h
To8/09/2019 18:00h

The exhibit ARTEFAKTE at Natural History Museum in Berlin, Germany presents photographs from J Henry Fair’s series “Industrial Scars”, which visually documents scenes of environmental destruction and pollution.

His photographs are at first glance beautiful and abstract, but a closer look reveals a much darker meaning. The exhibit showcases a documented series of oil spills, occurred industrial areas, coal mining and toxic waste deposits, all from a bird’s eye view taken by Fair out of the open window of a plane.
Aside from the photographs, the exhibition also presents and identifies scientific statistics for various causes of environmental damage. Alongside these are solutions for how to reduce one’s personal environmental footprint. J Henry Fair’s impelling “ARTEFAKTE” initiates a dialogue about how we as individuals and communities can take (re)action.