Ephemeral Coast at National Waterfront Museum, Swansea
From5/08/2017 13:00h
To29/10/2017 17:00h

Ephemeral Coast (Wales) links the bays of Swansea/ South Wales, Port Talbot and Carmarthen with coastal spaces internationally, including Mauritius, the USA, and Canada. Working with an array of artists, climate change scientists and writers from the humanities, the exhibition seeks to develop a nexus of understanding between art, empathy, and the degradation of the ocean.

Excerpt from the press release:
The bay of Swansea, which boasts stunning beaches that sit side by side with a significant industrial past and a commercial present, is an obvious choice for the location of one of the Ephemeral Coast exhibitions. It offers potential for so many facets of the project’s goals: a gallery situated in a maritime quarter, as well as the capacity to connect through geographic proximity and community to the cultures of the coast. Moreover, South Wales, along with the West of Wales and most regions in the South of England, have experienced startling changes to its weather patterns with record storm surges and flooding remapping the physical contours of the coastline with serious ramifications of how we conceptualize living on the coast.

More about the project accompanied by a catalog HERE