Latest Edition
LocationPalace Hub
From13/01/2018 2:00h
To11/02/2018 16:00h

Latest Edition is a Navigator North project which is built upon the success and learning from previous professional development programs and opportunities offered to visual artists.

The focus of this project is sustainable practice for artists who are interested in making work for exhibition and commission as well as sales of original and limited edition works and artist merchandise – exploring a range of income streams as part of creative practice.

A drop in the ocean is Diane Watson’s contribution to this exhibition: A printed length of paper representing a single tonne of plastic. She photographed 5 kg of plastic and repeated it 200 times to represent just one of the many tonnes of ocean plastics.

Watson’s recent work interprets how eight million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the sea and oceans every year – much of this waste gets washed up on our beaches. Her work highlights how disposable these items have become and how people are oblivious to the long term impact of discarding an object. By using photography and print, it challenges the viewer to inspect these objects in an unfamiliar context and to re-evaluate our relationship with single use plastics. Manufacturing a single use chip fork is a complex process, from extraction from base petroleum materials, moulding into shape, shipping to retailers, to be used once then discarded.

The exhibition runs  from 13 January – 11 February 2018. Go and have a look at Diane Watson’s current work comprising images of disposable plastic collected from our beaches and seashores – bottle tops, broken spades, chip forks, cigarette lighters, beach toys and tampons – and consider not just the manufacturing cost but the cost to the environment.

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