Our Ocean Conference 2018
From29/10/2018 0:00h
To30/10/2018 23:59h

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia is this year’s host of the fifth Our Ocean Conference taking place in Bali on 29 and 30 October 2018.

Our Ocean Conference 2018 will convene participants from countries across the globe to ensure diverse perspectives from various stakeholders, including governments, commercial sectors, financing entities, scientific communities, civil society organizations, and young leaders. Heads of States, Ministers, and champions from various backgrounds will also be invited to influence concrete and actionable commitments to preserve the oceans’ health.

The main objective of Our Ocean Conference is to increase as well as enhance the collaboration and partnership between various ocean stakeholders, which is translated into concrete and actionable commitments. Participants are encouraged to announce their commitments during the conference, as it critically contributes towards global efforts to preserve the oceans’ health. Discussions during the Conference will highlight integrated and actionable Solutions, which remove barriers between sectors, disciplines, and financing streams to comprehensively address the ocean as an interconnected system and economy.
Our Ocean Conference 2018 will continue to focus on marine protected areas, sustainable fisheries, marine pollution, and climate change-related impacts to the oceans. This year’s Our Ocean Conference will also maintain the crosscutting themes of sustainable blue economy and maritime security, as introduced by the European Union in 2017.