Rebirth Forum Budapest
LocationEurópa Pont
From4/10/2019 0:00h
To6/10/2019 23:59h

The Rebirth Forum applies the concepts of Demopraxy and Trinamics adopting the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals from their 2030 Agenda.
This is an ambitious project that empowers art and social practice, and was founded by renowned Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto in collaboration with Cittadellarte Foundation in 2002. Since then it has already been applied repeatedly in different cities around the world.

The REBIRTH FORUM is developed through 4 phases:

Initial phase of definition of the territory, the actors, the shared knowledge, and the forces already established in the field. During and after the mapping the results are displayed in an exhibition, which can vary depending on the location and the budget available. The exhibition allows the city to get to know the process and the subjects already involved, offering the latter a space to interface with other initiatives inspired by the UN’s SDGs and in line with the vision of the Third Paradise.

A referent from each adhering organization (association, institution, company, body, etc.) takes part in the Rebirth Forum. Round-table discussions – generated by topics and issues raised in the course of the Chorus phase, and configured according to the trinamic method of analysing thesis and antithesis to reach a group synthesis (creation) – lead to concrete, feasible and measurable actions, which become the operative basis of the single working sites.

It’s the phase of implementation of the actions, processes and projects that have come alive in the course of the Forum. The working site usually lasts one year, and it must consist of measurable and verifiable programs and actions including regular meetings among the participants.

After one year, the actors meet again to establish the partial or total success or failure of the working sites they have participated in, deconstructing them into their salient elements, the motivations and the reactions on the territory. An evaluation is carried out also of the relationship with the two institutional hubs which have been points of reference throughout the whole process: the CITY (mayor and city council) and the UNITED NATIONS (the regional representatives of the agencies of reference for the main theme the WORKING SITE has engaged with).

Alongside the Rebirth Forum taking place at Európa Pont in Budapest’s Millenaris Park, there will be a public artwork by Michelangelo Pistoletto installed and a selection of his artworks will be presented at Esernyős Gallery.

The Rebirth Forum Budapest is organized by Art Market Budapest in collaboration with Cittadellarte Foundation, curated by Nicole Loeser, Co-Founder and Project Lead of The Universal Sea and Managing Director of The Institute for Art and Innovation and Lilla Boros, International Relations Manager of Art Market Budapest.

For the more information visit the site : http://rebirthforum.net/budapest