The Edge of the Sea
From3/05/2019 19:00h
To29/12/2019 18:00h

‘The Edge of the Sea’ brings together artists who depict and rework themes related to the sea, such as world trade and transport, marine pollution, the migration crisis, resource extraction, and co existence between humans and other life forms.

The geographical basis of Ålesund and Norway is the Northern European periphery, surrounded by an ocean that unites us and makes us an important part of a worldwide community. With a focus that is both local and global, the exhibition relates to existential changes and our uncertain future, with the various works of art highlighting the sea as an arena where a wide range of ecological, cultural, and political challenges and problems come to the fore.
The exhibition is a response to a world dominated by climate change, alienation, fear, oppression, democracies in crisis, and financial instability. The global effects of climate change are gradually being felt. Oceans are rising, rivers are flooding their banks, intense storms and hurricanes are tearing through cities and towns, and drought and forest fires leave irreparable damage in their wake. The changes are happening so incrementally that it is hard for many people to realize their full impact. How does the present situation affect our ideas about and visions for the future?

The exhibition borrows its title from Rachel Carson’s ecological book «The Edge of the Sea», first published in 1955.

Participating artist:
Marit Akslen / Heba Y. Amin / Sissel M. Bergh / Caroline Bergvall / Ursula Biemann / Danilo Correale / Johannes Heldén / Terese Longva / Randi Nygård / Rafi Segal & Yonatan Cohen / Sissel Tolaas / Pinar Yoldas / Marina Zurkow (More&More Unlimited: Marina Zurkow, Sarah Rothberg, Surya Mattu).