Touring exhibition „Mensch ∙ Müll ∙ Meer“
From26/09/2018 10:00h
To8/11/2018 18:00h
In Germany and Europe, numerous initiatives have been launched recently to counteract the problem of marine waste and to develop solutions and to raise awareness among the population. In our touring exhibition, an artistic exploration of the topic of marine pollution promotes community discourse. The coastal Union supports The Universal Sea as a scientific partner and developed the travelling exhibition “Mensch ∙ Müll ∙ Meer”, which uses an oil-barrel-based design concept to show the viewer the origin of marine waste and its impacts on the sea and coast. In particular, the waste found at clean up events show how massive the problem is. There will also be exciting things to discover for the little visitors.
The ‘Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten’ is open every day from 10am to 6pm. More information HERE.