Tree of Consumption
From21/06/2019 17:00h
To9/08/2019 21:00h

Tree of Consumption
An open air installation and public art in Berlin, Germany

Klára Némethy presents her installation by wrapping a tree with plastic bags „up to the neck“ in Berlin district Kreuzberg.

Klára Némethy considers plastic waste as a resource and gives us and the industry an example for changing perspective. The phenomenon of plastic bags caught in trees is known throughout the world. The “Tree of Consumption” stands in the garden although it does not belong there. This contrast points to the reality that we are surrounded by suffocating plastic in all our living spaces. The installation – plastic takes more than 500 years to decompose – is a visual reminder of our ecologically irresponsible consumer behavior.

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Tree of Consumption

Artwork by Klara Nemethy – Tree of Consumption, Photo: © Mona Lüders