Art Moments – TUS Festival, TRIP Hajó Boat Conference
From5/10/2018 9:00h
To5/10/2018 17:30h

An open exchange of views and ideas is central to The Universal Sea project and so we are really excited about hosting a day-long TRIP Hajó Boat Conference – fittingly located on a boat on the river Danube in the historical centre of the city!

The day’s program of panel discussions, pecha-kucha-style presentations, and roundtable discussions will centre on four key topics at the heart of the project: rediscovering the role of the artist, art and innovation, socially engaged art towards societal issues, and the involvement of the public. The guest speakers and discussion members will range from our artists in residence, university professors, plastic pollution researchers and scientists, innovation groups, to politicians, and we hope the audience will be just as diverse!

Conference talks and presentations cover the following four major topics:
  • Rediscovering the role of the artist
  • Art and Innovation
  • Socially engaged art towards the problem of water pollution
  • Reaching and involving the public

Attending the conference is free of charge, but registration is required. You can register HERE.

All about the panelists you can find HERE