Window of Consumption
From21/06/2019 17:00h
To9/08/2019 21:00h

Is it possible for art to encourage measures to stop plastic pollution? The Group Global 3000′ summer exhibition “WINDOW OF CONSUMPTION” deliberately brings the artworks outside showing powerfully provocative installations made of plastic waste.

The artists Mona Lüders and Klára Némethy consider plastic waste as a resource and give us and the industry an example for changing perspective. They create works of art that are not only beautiful, but also a strong reminder of the impact of our waste on the planet and its inhabitants. The aesthetic packaging and plastic bag installations also reveal a lot about the identity, the consumer behavior and the habits of the individual.

Window of Consumption

Mona Lüders installs her artworks in the window expressing a sharp self-criticism of a consumer society that completely obliterates garbage after it has been thrown away. The installations function as a statement and a wake-up call in one: Look! That’s how we live, that’s how we consume. As a contemporary witness the artist documents this consumer behavior also photographically. Sound-effects by composer Amir Shpilman accompany the photo-show.

Tree of Consumption

Klára Némethy created her installation by wrapping a tree with plastic bags „up to the neck“. The phenomenon of plastic bags caught in trees is known throughout the world. The “Tree of Consumption” stands in the garden in front of the gallery, although it does not belong there. This contrast points to the reality that we are surrounded by suffocating plastic in all our living spaces. The installation is a visual reminder of our ecologically irresponsible consumer behaviour. 

The Galerie Group Global 3000 combines art and science, organizes lectures on current exhibitions, and invites dialogues between artists, experts and visitors.


Vernissage 21 June 2019, 7 pm, Lecture “Between Demand and Reality: Challenges of Sustainable Consumption”. Dr. Viola Muster, Project Manager Consumer Research, ConPolicy – Institute for Consumer Policy / TU Berlin

Artist Talk 05 July 2019, 7 pm

Finissage 09 August 2019, 7 pm, Lecture “Social Plastic“ by Alfred Banze, Community art project of Camping Akademie e.V., Germany, in cooperation with Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts & Culture, Thailand, and Jatiwangi Art Factory, Indonesia

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