Weekly Excerpts of our Guide

The Universal Sea guide launch date is fast approaching!

The Universal Sea project was a massive undertaking of the last year, bringing together 500 artists, 500 business innovators and 40 scientific institutions, 13 universities and 10 festivals. So far we have attracted an audience of 5 million visitors and 1.4 million online visitors, coming from 70 countries and 6 continents. 

The insights, art and innovations of these artists, businesses and academics will be featured in the guide. We want you to know exactly what to expect from the book and to get to know the amazing people behind the project! Check in for the weekly excepts to find a new essay, article, artist or business from the guide. 

Get ready to be inspired and share your favorites with us and our community!

Find out more about the guide HERE. 

Weekly Excerpts: 

03/01/2019: Featuring professor Gilbert Beronneau: “Heroine of the Sea”
11/01/2019: Featuring lecturer and artist Roman Kroke: “Microplastics and Chameleons”
17/01/2019: Featuring art historian Urszula Staszkop: “Plastic Waste in Contemporary Aesthetic Practice”
28/01/2019: Interview with VR expert Galit Ariel
01/02/2019: Interview with artist Alessio Ceruti
08/02/2019: About the photographer J Henry Fair
15/02/2019: About soulbottles, Berlin 
21/02/2019: Featuring Olga Skoczyla: “About Cultural Design and The Time of Art-Driven Innovators”
01/03/2019: Featuring Robertina Šebjanič: “Aquatocene – Aural Interception of a Troubled (Subaquatic) World”
07/03/2019: Featuring Liina Klauss: “Curating the Beach”