Amsterdam International Water Week 2017
From30/10/2017 0:00h
To3/11/2017 23:59h

Amsterdam International Water Week focuses on society’s transition to a greener economy. Over 25,000 international water professionals and decision makers share insights, solutions and new approaches. Amsterdam International Water Week is the platform bringing together leaders from government, the private sector, academics and society all over the world; together we will explore a new era of Sustainable Development Goals that represent a global process of resiliency, optimal resource efficiency and transition to circular economies.

Matching concrete international water cases to the right international experts and leaders allows them to be both practical and in-depth, and so achieve real breakthroughs in the transition to a circular and resilient water environment for high density living. Bringing together a unique mix of professionals is conducive to the transition to a circular economy and the building of resilient cities. The AIWW offers an inspiring combination of events, including:  the AIWW conference, the renowned Aquatech Trade Exhibition, excursions to Amsterdam and the Netherlands, the Sarphati Sanitation Awards, an extensive young water professionals programme, and social events.

AIWW 2017 has identified the four main water challenges facing the cities and industries of tomorrow. These challenges are the binding principle in all cases, the in-depth labs and other contributions

  • Water efficiency and Value;
  • Water management and Resilience;
  • Institutional Transition and Governance;
  • Innovative Water system implementations

Arcadis as the main funding sponsor of this international symposium has been actively involved since 2007.