Scrapped: A Collection of Upcycled Artwork
LocationBSB Gallery
From4/04/2019 14:00h
To17/04/2019 19:00h

“Trash is a human invention. It is a concept that is foreign to the natural world, and a fairly modern one. Today’s complex materials and mass production have given way to products and packaging designed for single-use. These developments have made our lives more convenient and products more affordable, but most of the resulting waste isn’t accepted by public recycling systems and ends up as garbage. Bringing awareness to this is key to helping us change the way we think about the world’s limited resources. Seeing garbage as something other than a useless problem is the first step to a less wasteful and more prosperous world. Keyword: seeing.”

Scrapped is in line with our mission to change perspectives and connect people through shared experiences. All the featured art utilizes discarded and otherwise “scrapped” materials. Designed to encourage viewers to question their day-to-day lifestyle and their impact on the planet, the upcycled art show transforms garbage into artistic visions that connect the dots between us and the things we throw away. It illustrates the power of unconventional thought and includes works from acclaimed artists Leon Rainbow, Ede Sinkovics, Heemin Moon as well as TerraCycle employees.

You’ll recognize the work of Ede Sinkovics, an Hungarian artist represented in our book published recently: The Universal Sea – a guide agains the plastic epidemic with one of his latest work: The Dirt of Venus, reimagining Botticelli’s famous Renaissance painting, The Birth of Venus. Only made of materials including old and broken toys, littered plastic collected off of beaches and shorelines, wine corks and cigarette butts it faces the viewer with uncomfortable truths.

We believe artists as catalysts for change with their ability to think critically and creatively. Art is at the core of this collaboration, as it can reach people emotionally, spark creativity and motivate people to be involved. Join the mouvement and support such artists!