The Age of Re-Creation – Ram Schakl Festival of Arts
From3/04/2019 0:00h
To5/04/2019 23:59h

This colorful 3 day exhibition, creative market & auction is made to support the talented individuals and groups working behind and around the festival & art scenes we love today.

A program of some of Berlin’s beloved “generation re-creation” artists. Aimed to support emerging designers and create new client opportunities to develop their creative career. Our artistic focus is to inspire thoughtful design thinking, or sample resourcefulness at its sexiest. To promote the wide range of possibilities we have with everyday material re-purposing, or insight into more sustainable products of the future.

We are looking for like minded artists and creators, working within principles of sustainability, up-cycling, hand crafted textile, fashion, light- design, product design or installation in the event industry and guests to come together to inspire each other, or create new artist connections to established industry professionals.


We live in a world in which almost everything is immediately accessible to us. Through global trade relations and outsourcing, it goes without saying that we have a wide selection of different products at a low price. This has given rise to the habit of simply throwing away broken things instead of repairing them; rather buy something new instead of giving the old piece a new function through transformation. And so we produce and create something new in an endless repetition. Due to the massive demand, the quality suffers. Hardly any sweater hanging in one of the famous big textile stores is made of natural material.

If we measure the value of a product by its price, it usually does not receive the appreciation it deserves because of its long and small-scale manufacturing process. Unfortunately, the following often applies today: The value of goods does not say anything about the true value of a product.

Recently, however, there has been a turnaround in society. The negative aspects of infinite production and the associated disposable society are becoming more and more apparent.

With our festival we want to support this awareness by exposing alternative inspiring manufacturing methods, the reuse of old materials or by the replacement of a disposable product by a long-lived or local variant.
The avant-garde form of reuse has been initiated and is called the ‘Age of Re-creation’. We call ourselves Generation Re-creation as we have realised that everything we need is already present in this world. Our creativity is based on creating out of the already created.
Raise your glasses to the era of re-use!

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