The Interplanetary Kingdom of Art
From20/07/2018 0:00h
To22/07/2018 23:59h

Wolimierz, a unique and inspiring place, is a village at the foot of the 3,000-feet Izera Mountains, a vast and uninhabited mountain range of diverse and unspoilt ecology. The village, a patchwork of scattered hamlets at the former border between Upper Lusatia and Silesia, is known today, like in the past, for its train station. Although trains don’t run here anymore, the 19th-century station remains vibrant as the space of the Interplanetary Kingdom of Art, an artist colony started in the early 1990s by members of the alternative street theatre group, Klinika Lalek. As a basin of artistic, pro-environmental and cultural activities, Wolimierz has gained wide renown in Poland and internationally. In this place are: folk and eco art gallery, with special events, exhibitions, music performances and theatre shows.

During this year’s festival (“Festiwal XXX lat Teatru Klinika Lalek – Stacja Wolimierz 2018”), are planned numerous workshops, including of upcycling, ecological campaigns, also in the field of music and dance, performances, stories, concerts. One of the lectures-“Scheme to survive ages – about humoral theory and upcycling art”-will be led by Ewa from Pabianice. Her activities are part of this year’s mobile residences of the winners of “The Universal Sea-Pure or Plastic !?”.

Ewa will lead open workshops and talk about the problem of accumulation of rubbish, about her sculpture with 10,000 of bottle necks, about the mega interesting works of other winners of the project and about her favorite examples from the world of art. And she will ask the question again: “Can art inspire changes?