The Universal Sea Station – Berlin
From6/10/2018 0:00h
To7/10/2018 23:59h

The Universal Sea will commence an 8 cities Europe-wide tour with a station in Berlin/Germany; hosted by Entrepreneurship Summit at Henry-Ford-Bau. 

The summit, running from 6 – 7 October, is one of the most important events in Germany for entrepreneurs or people interested in starting their own company by applying a smart business model concept, that goes beyond maximizing financial growth. Hosting more than 100 experts coming from all different kinds of entrepreneurial fields, the event is organized to allow like-minded founders, visionaries and lateral thinkers to meet, learn, present and discuss their ideas. Prof. Faltin, the founder of the event, claims entrepreneurship as art that could be mastered by anyone; as business is just too important to leave it to the big corporates.

The Universal Sea: Pure or Plastic?!” is an EU-funded art and innovation project under the umbrella of the Creative Europe program that looks to bring together a variety of perspectives, from art, science, and business, to raise awareness and generate new and innovative solutions to the scourge of plastic pollution.

The station will consist of artistic interventions from the finalists, chosen from a worldwide open call that generated over 250 applications, in addition to the artistic proposals from the further top 100 applicants. All art interventions relate to the topic of plastic pollution, raising questions on the contemporary reliance on disposable plastics and their effects on our common environment.

Furthermore, the station will also include co-creation workshops, led by experts and thought-leaders and open to the public. These hackathon-style workshops aim to bring together the diverse perspectives present and generate new, exciting solutions to the problems highlighted in the exhibition.

So, come and join us in the fight against plastic pollution. All day, on the 6th and 7th of October at Henry-Ford-Bau of Free University Berlin.