Transform 2019 Summit
From16/10/2019 0:00h
To17/10/2019 23:59h

Deliver the Sustainable Future: Innovate, Collaborate and Transform the Value Chain

2019 is bringing the best, the most innovative and inspiring companies to Ethical Corporation’s Transform Summit (16-17 October), with a focus on helping companies showcase their business will be fit for a clean, more sustainable and inclusive future.

What you can expect:
  • 250+ peers and colleagues discussing the latest supply chain issues and opportunities through in-depth workshop and case study sessions
  • Get insight on the key responsible business issues from our 60+ expert speaker line-up
  • 15+ hours of dedicated networking so you can connect with leading corporates, NGOs and academics to help establish new partnerships and future collaborations

NEW for 2019, the event got rebranded under the banner TRANSFORM to reflect the increasing need for companies to address the social and environmental challenges across their whole value chain. Transform 2019 will bring together 250+ CEOs, chief sustainability, supply chain and procurement professionals along with leading investors, NGOs and public entities to share how their business is transforming their supply chain and wider impacts.

  • Take leadership on key climate impacts: Leverage new technologies and restorative strategies to deliver a positive impact on the environment across your operations
  • Gain greater traceability and transparency:  Implement systems that provide complete understanding and oversight of inputs, impacts and risk
  • Mainstream and scale circular innovations: Take pilots to scale and mainstream a circular system
  • Transform industries through ambitious coalitions: Deliver and scale cross-industry partnerships that help you to achieve your ambitious environmental and social goals
  • Achieve a low-carbon supply chain: Successfully engage and support Suppliers across the Tiers to reduce emissions