WFES Water Forum
From16/01/2020 0:00h
To30/01/2020 23:59h

The WFES (World Future Energy Summit) Water Forum presents the latest thinking and technology to help solve the world’s significant water scarcity challenges and enable the UAE’s Water Security Strategy

Key topics discussed in 2019 included:

  • Update on the UAE’s 2036 Water Security Strategy
  • Harnessing Renewable Technology to Reduce the Energy Footprint of Water
  • Creating an Integrated Water Management Strategy to Optimise Efficiency, Security and Sustainability in GCC countries
  • Increasing the Use of RO to Supply Low-Carbon, Cost Efficient Water
  • Water and Food: UN SDGs and Resource Sustainability
  • Water-Food and the Bio‐Economy: Future Challenges and Solutions
  • Aquifer Management & Water Security