Zero Waste Fair 2018-Gdynia
From18/08/2018 11:00h
To18/08/2018 18:00h

Poland is one of the top countries in which people produce huge amounts of waste – especially plastic bags and food containers and wrappers. The purpose of Zero Waste Fair 2018-Gdynia is to show that changing everyday habits can have enormous significance for our planet. By reducing waste production, we respect natural resources such as lakes, rivers, and seas. And we start to live closer to nature and get a better understanding of the rules that govern it.

This year’s fair edition wants to draw the attention of the Gdynia citizens and tourists to the problem of Baltic Sea pollution. As part of the fair, along with the stands, there will be lectures and workshops for adults and children about a waste-free, economical and ecological lifestyle. The show is an excellent opportunity to broaden your knowledge, exchange experiences and buy various non-waste products. For people who are already implementing the zero waste policy, the fair will be an inspiration and motivation for further steps to live eco-friendly.

One of the stands at the Zero Waste Fair in Gdynia will be hosted by Ewa from Pabianice. Ewa will lead open workshops and a collection of used toothbrushes and disposable razors. Her activities are part of this year’s artist-in-residency by the EU-co-funded project “The Universal Sea-Pure or Plastic !?”.

See you soon in Gdynia, Poland.