ARE YOU THIRSTY? (2018), the work I apply with, represent my personal reaction to the negative impact that plastic has on the environment, especially on aquatic live. Annually, millions of tons of plastic thrown into the ocean are ingested by fish, birds or other sea organisms, and, eventually, by humans. A viable solution for this problem is the RE-place of plastic bottles with glass ones. I suggest this by the change I made to the PLASTIC, cutting, melting and remodeling it in an original GLASSy 3D texture. I made the work exclusively from PET plastic which I collected helped by my friends. In almost two month of intensive work I managed to transform nearly 250 bottles which otherwise would have been discarded. In June 2018, the garment won the International Artist of the Year Award in Wearable Art Mandurah competition.

Photo: Stephen Heath Photography, courtesy of Wearable Art Mandurah
Model: Ryliee Benson

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