Water to Water Performance

The artist Nezaket Ekici stands with a pedestal on the water. She wears a long red costume. In the costume are 5 water tubes installed, this costume with tubes is going to shore. She takes the polluted seawater with a bucket and tries with a filter to clean the seawater to drinking water. After that, she puts each tube and the drinking water goes through the tube and arrives at the shore into a glass. Helpers holding glasses to keep the drinking water and invite guests to drink this water. The idea for this performance derives from a simple differentiation between things, that are existential for our lives like water and those things, that are in a way in our possession by means of contingency: can have, must not have. But this work also considers taking Water as something existential into possession. As water is a limited resource with the biggest potential to become the center topic for future worldwide struggles, we have to find ways to bring it into position to sustain our lives. As well e.g. a lake and its water belong to a house and the setting house and water show our dependence on water as a source of living.

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