Pure or Plastic?!

Ecology is cool, recycling is sexy and The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic!? is looking for youLet us reveal the opportunities for art meeting science and entrepreneurship while building new solutions to fight water pollution.

Through a worldwide Open Call we reached out to creatives around the globe, whose artworks deal with water in the Anthropocene; the human impact on the environment. Artists play an important role in our project sensitizing people and moving them on an emotional level. By combining the most innovating artistic works, the latest scientific insights and the best entrepreneurial know-how we aim at building a community of people who foster and develop new technologies to solve water issues in the world.

In spring 2018, The Grand Opening – an art and science exhibition presents the most compelling projects propositions solving plastic waste to the public at a museum, The Center for Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, Poland. Meanwhile, all around Europe, activities, and stations such as art residences, public workshops, and travelling exhibitions are organised for you to get involved.

Eventually, the Universal Sea Festival in Budapest will be held in autumn 2018, bringing together the public and all participants including artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and key-speakers; presenting the results of the whole project ready to be put into action.

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