Waste Net + Plastic Exhibition by Kojo Biney
From24/09/2018 0:00h
To31/10/2018 23:59h


Among the heavy junk of the things float and sunk into the universal sea are waste nets and plastic debris which are killing thousands of marine lives such as fishes, sea turtles, sea lions, sea horses, seals, sea birds, whales, dolphins, penguins, sea cows or dugong, squid, grouper, isopods, walruses just to mention a few. Wasted drifting nets and plastic bags or debris, poses a threat to the animals that depend on the water bodies and the ocean for food. To a sea turtle or other animals, a floating plastic bag looks like a jellyfish for consumption. Waste nets entangle sea birds, fishes and marine mammals making it difficult to move or act. Our plastic consumption is posing danger and killing life.

Sekondi – Takoradi is a cosmopolitan coastal area in Ghana bounded by sea and other water bodies. Onshore of the sea and the water bodies are found a lot of waste nets and plastic debris swept by rainfall from the land and negligence on the part of sea men or fishermen. These items on the shore reflect how animals get wrapped up in monofilament fishing net, plastic bags and debris – getting entangled in waste net + plastic. Seabirds and other animals eat these stuff and cause blockage of their gut and intestines ingestion.

The Waste Net + Plastic exposition by the artist Kojo Biney highlight how these dumped fishing net and plastics displayed onshore, its effects to marine as well as terrestrial life including human beings and how to utilize the waste fishing net and plastic in a manner that these will not find their way in the drains, rivers, streams and the universal sea.