Júlia Végh – Plastic Waste Labyrinth

Júlia Végh

With this art happening project we would like to create a huge labyrinth made of plastic waste cubes. The eco-art project would take place on the square in front of the Basilica in Budapest within the Universal Sea residency program. People can enter and they can get lost in the plastic waste labyrinth, but the goal is to find the way to the exit. This symbolizes the urgent necessity of finding a way out together of our real common plastic pollution problem on Earth. This public art project is calling for the urban citizens to face the gigantic plastic amount of plastic waste what they don’t meet usually in their everyday life. This is a game at first sight but soon it becomes very serious. Probably the surrealistic situation in a usual urban space will throw people off balance and make them feel uncomfortable and think about the problem and possible solutions. Our public space happening can be installed in the white cube space of a museum as well. We would video and photo document the process of building the labyrinth and how people walk in it. Also we would make interviews at least with five of them and how they felt lost in the trash.

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