Water to Water

In the past 15 years as Turkish/German performance artist, I developed several art works focusing the topic “water”. I work with live- performance, video & installation. I presented ca. 270 performances in ca. 60 countries and 140 cities on 4 continents. 27 performances-installations focusing „water“. The live-performance „Water to Water“ (WW2015) will be the basis for my proposal. WW2015 was presented during my solo exhibition at museum Haus am Waldsee, Berlin. Ekici stands on a pedestal on the forest-lake (Waldsee) next the museum. She wears a long red costume. Five water tubes installed into the costume, reaching the shore of the lake. she takes the water out of the lake with a bucket and converts it manually with the help of a activated carbon filter into drinking water. The water ends up in glasses after running through the tubes to be offered to the public. Many of the 400 guests took the chance to drink. The idea for the performance „ WW2015“ derives from a simple thought: water is existential for life. Water is a limited resource with the biggest potential to become the center topic for the future. Ekici showed way to make water usable again and be sustainable and rethink the usage of water. First of all it is a mindset topic: we have to make people understand, what is at stake. In order to be a catalyst for change, I would like to propose 3 ideas:
1.Rerun of performance “WW2015” + artist talk. 2. New performance-installation „rain maker“ + in cooperation with scientists for water treatment + artist talk The idea is to call attention to using rain water as drinkable water. Ekici collects rain water, turns it to drinkable water and installs a cloud of rain water in a room, consisting of re-usable transparent material. She sticks holes into the transparent cloud to let it rain collecting the rain water in glasses to give it to the people. 3.New performance-installation “Plastic living room – lake” + artist talk. The idea is, that plastic is no longer separate but is connected to us without distance like water. It became a part of our biosphere. Ekici installs a living room with all its content on a lake with inflatable plastic furniture like a couch. Ekici tries hard to make her living in this plastic and water world, but it becomes obvious, that such a live is not really livable.

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