The Universal Sea Grand Opening
From22/04/2018 10:30h
To8/06/2018 18:00h

The Grand Opening is an art and science exhibition organized by The Universal Sea held at the museum, The Center for Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, Poland. 

“The Universal Sea: Pure or Plastic?!”, an EU co-funded project by the Creative Europe program, links scientific findings with artistic creations offering a new perspective on this urgent topic. The exhibition includes the artworks of the 5 finalists of the worldwide open call, which ran from October to December 2017, as well as the Top 100 artistic proposals.
Our partner EUCC-D backs up scientifically the art projects bringing the concepts to a new level thanks to this art-science alliance. The show, presented at the museum, is planned as a touring exhibition.
Furthermore, co-creation workshops and networking events at the museum and later around Europe are open to the public, with the aim to raise awareness and brainstorm on fast and efficient key solutions to solve plastic dumping.

Find out more about the presented artworks HERE

Documentation of opening 

Press Release