let´s bring the ocean to the city! – how does it feel?

would YOU like to photograph yourself with this polluted water? during hot summer walks would it be a pleasure for you to cool down your feet in water filled with plastic? please throw the package of your chocolate bar after eating to this beautiful city sculpture! why not? anyway YOU do this every day. just subconsciousness. the contrast between the beauty of classical art pieces and the „beauty” of colorful packages floating within them could strongly signalize the global ocean pollution. the problem is closer to us than we think. we enjoy clean water coming out of fancy or romantic fountain sculptures while at the same time the biggest water resources on the globe are filled with trash we are generating every day without paying attention. the famous city fountains can be easily transformed to be a trash mixture of water and most common plastic packages which we all are using every day. we decided to bring the problem of ocean plastic pollution to the most beautiful and touristic places in the european cities to make people from around the world aware that wherever we go the problem is the same.

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